GMAT Registration 2021: A Comprehensive Overview

 If you are planning to take the GMAT exam, the first thing you need to do is register for the exam. The registration process for the GMAT can be done online, via phone and email or fax. However, a commonly preferred method is online registration. To register online, you need to create a profile on the GMAT official site, You have to fill in all your basic details such as contact, address, academic qualifications, academic scores, etc. Once you have created your profile, you will be able to log onto the official site with your credentials.

The next step would be to choose your preferred exam dates and the test center. You are most often asked to choose a center that is near the place you reside. The GMAT exam is available throughout the year, hence, there are no specific dates for GMAT registration 2021. This means you can select an exam date at your convenience. It is important to note that due to the current pandemic situation, some of the test centers are temporarily not in use. So, make it a point to cross-check before you select your preferred test center.

The last step of the registration process is paying the fee for the exam; the fee for the GMAT is $250. Once you have made the payment, you have successfully registered for the GMAT. However, if you want to reschedule your GMAT exam you will have to pay some additional fees. If you do it a month before, you will have to make an additional payment of $100. If the rescheduling is done 15 days before the exam, you will be charged an additional amount of $150.

Under any circumstance, if you have to cancel the exam after having registered you can do so. But it is important to note you might not always receive a refund for the same. If the cancellation is done a month before the exam, you will receive a refund of only $100 and if the cancellation is done 15 days before the exam, you will receive a refund of only $50. 

GMAT Reservation

The GMAT accommodates those who are differently-abled. If you are differently-abled and want to take the exam, the GMAC offers a special GMAT reservation for you. Before you register for the exam, you will have to send an appeal to the GMAC, requesting to claim the reservation. The appeal should consist of proof of your impairment and how it hinders your ability to take the GMAT. Once the appeal is sent, the GMAC reviews your appeal and decides to either accept it or reject it. If your appeal is accepted, you can go ahead and register for the exam. The registration process is as mentioned above.

GMAT Fee in India

The GMAT exam fee varies based on where you reside or are located. So, make it a point to check the fee and additional charges such as the rescheduling and cancellation fee for the exam. The GMAT fee in India is approximately 18,000+ INR.

If you choose to reschedule a month before, the amount to be paid is around 7,300+ INR. If you reschedule 15 days before the exam date, the additional fee would be around 11,000 INR. Similarly, if you choose to cancel the GMAT a month before, you will be refunded an amount of 7,000. If you choose to cancel the exam 15 days before, you will be refunded 3,500+ INR.

We hope you have clearly understood how to register for the GMAT exam. All the best!


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